First, a recap: this is my Lanayru Desert stage, from Zelda: Skyward Sword, for Brawl/Project M. More pictures and stuff are at the old post for the first version.

The download below includes a new version of the stage. Changes from the previous version will significantly reduce framerate problems (this was one of my worst stages for that) and prevent characters from flying up through the floor in Project M’s wraparound stamina mode.

Now for the alternate. I call it A Link to the Past.

It’s not much of a desert anymore, huh? The “past” model of the stage that was only seen through the time bubbles is now the normal state of the stage.

But the timeshift stones still work… the hidden past is now SNES graphics!

It’s only a cosmetic change. The two variants are functionally identical. They share the same collisions, the blast zones are the same, the platforms move in the exact same way at the exact same times. Use whichever you like, or, use one in place of Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 and one in place of Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2, OR or, use one as the normal stage and the other as the alternate in place of a Project M stage that supports an alternate.