Grass Land has for the most part been my favorite of the stages I’ve made so far. And I felt it was deserving of an upgrade, to make use of new experience I’ve picked up over time. Nothing fancy, just a coat of polish.

Here’s how it looked before…

And here’s the new version.

The platform layout is still basically the same, but there are tiny differences. I can more or less guarantee that replays made on the original are not going to synch on the new one. Not that that matters at the moment, with Project M being in a transitional phase anyway. What else has changed is that I’ve added a ceiling beneath the stage so that you cannot fly up and through the ground in Project M’s wraparound Stamina Mode, like I did with Lanayru Desert, making it in-line with the official mod’s stages.

All the background animation that I think made the original stand out is still there.

And Iced Land got the same treatment as well.

That includes the minor changes to the stage collisions. It is identical to the new Grass Land in function but not to the old Grass Land or Iced Land. And, again, since Iced Land already is an alternate version of Grass Land, I’m not going to make another alternate for either of them. I’d still recommend Mushroomy Kingdom as the stage to replace with these, out of all my stages, because it’s more or less the only one where the original and alternate are better with different music… but, that’s my opinion, you go ahead and do whatever you want