You might remember that I made an Osohe Castle stage years ago, and I kinda hope you don’t! It was made out of models already present in Brawl, reskinned to look like other things. And that’s actually kind of creative, at that time porting models from one file to another was something newly possible, and nobody else seemed to think of the models as potential building blocks for something original except me… but, that was my first stage ever, I was far less experienced than I am now, and a do-over for it has been in mind since I made Grass Land, the first to use my own models made in 3ds Max.

Finally a good home stage for my main man Lucas

The courtyard can now be seen outside. I added this to remove a certain claustrophobic feel to the old one and make star KO’d characters visible… from some angles.

There are pits now. I’m not 100% adverse to walkoffs… but roughly 90%.

Because spiking opponents directly to Hell is fun stuff!

The story behind the gap in the platforms of the “second floor” is the same. I feel like Osohe Castle is the best pick for a Mother 3 stage because it’s relatively early in the game and is where the EarthBound whimsy starts really kicking in. Everyone who has at least finished Chapter 1 and played a ways into Chapter 2 will recognize something here. It doesn’t, you know. SPOIL THE END OF THE FRIGGING GAME, MR. SAKURAI

The ghosts are still here. In the old version every frame of theirs was on a different plane and they all teleported to where the ghost needed to be from behind a wall, like a dimension-rending flipbook. You could see the trick if the game ever went into slow motion. In this version they’re planes whose textures change per frame. Since… since I learned how to do that instead…



The download has a .rel for New Pork but you know what to do if you want to replace some other stage instead… probably. It’s a Battlefield, again.