Smash Bros. glossary defines Metroid as “a game series in which there’s lava and fire and acid that burns you and more lava and magma and molten rocks.” But did you know there are locales in the games that are not on fire??

I don’t really have a lot to say about this one that can’t be shown here. It doesn’t undergo any crazy visual transitions or anything, it just… rains. Yup.

I took some liberties with the scale, since it was awfully cramped in the original. I mean, it didn’t feel small in Metroid Prime, but it’s a different kind of game with a different field of view.

The base platform is almost exactly as wide as Battlefield’s. Slightly wider. The highest platforms are a little higher than Battlefield’s highest, so they are closer together vertically as there are three rows instead of two. And because the outer four platforms extend over the edge of the base, the left and right blast lines are further away from the base. The main platform is modeled after the elevator from Tallon Overworld to Chozo Ruins.

A minute and a half into the fight, Dragon Robocop makes a cameo! I didn’t make a Meta Ridley model from scratch, of course, this is the one from his boss battle in Brawl.

He gets close enough that you could end up clipping him if you get star KO’d. Nothing happens, but you can set up hilarious screenshots that will make your children’s children’s childrens laugh about how funny you were, long after you’re dead.

.rels for Norfair, Frigate Orpheon and Brinstar are included, take your pick of which one to ax.