To get the band-aid off quickly, not much. There are two more I want to do and have some work done on–a new version of Osohe Castle from Mother 3, and Tallon Canyon from Metroid Prime.

But, Project M 3.6 is going to have “alternate stages.” I’m thinking I’ll shoot for one alternate per stage o’ mine (and I’m already ahead for Grass Land, haHA!). Generally speaking I won’t…

-Change the collisions, the character spawn/respawn points, blast zones, camera behavior, or anything else that would affect gameplay, unless I also for some reason changed it in the original.
-Alter the locale so much that it no longer fits the original’s name, or isn’t from the original’s game series.
-Do a boring five-minute change. I may just add rain to Route 11 but I won’t just leave everything else untouched too, you know? …I mean, in Pok√©mon, rain is associated with Politoed, do you really think I would pass that up
-Add hazards. Ever. I don’t know how to make stage hazards and I’m not going to learn, because I hate them. I like some stages in the Smash series that have hazards, of course, but I like those stages despite the hazards. If you’ve ever asked me to add a hazard to one of my stages and you’re reading this, fellate a cactus.