I got the unrestricted camera code to work in Dolphin. Whole lotta HD Magnet Train pics comin atcha

Goldenrod Station

Whitney’s whirly sign. This side has her and her pokes…

…This side is the Plain Badge. The lights blink.

Radio Tower

Hi, I like shorts!

Devon’s ad space

National Park

More of that

A working fountain you can’t even see from the stage :<

Route 32

Reflecty water!

Bell Tower and Sprout Tower


More Cherrygrove

Route 29

New Bark

Spinning wind vanes!

Elm’s Lab

Gold’s house. Or Kris/Lyra if you’re a girl. Or if you’re a dude who likes to play as the girl character. If the female player character were designed as well as Leaf or Hilda in a game where the male is designed as poorly as Nate, I would.

Route 46, 45

More of Route 46

All three entrances to Dark Cave can be seen

Mt. Silver


The signs for both this Mart and the one in Cherrygrove spin like in HGSS

Mt. Moon


The Game Corner

Celadon Gym

A flower garden that looks like the Rainbowbadge!

A Snorlax, like in Generation 1

Route 6

Fighting Dojo

Saffron Station

Silph building

Sabrina’s sign. The screen changes every few seconds and the lights blink.

Thank you, Ken Sugimori, for drawing Blaine like he’s reveling in sick burns