Or at least, done enough for now. Changes since the last post: changed the water texture again, added a reflection of the sky to the water, characters now have shadows, the sky moves, I fixed an anomaly in an animation or two, I pushed the top of the cliff in the background back a bit so characters who die by flying off the top of the screen don’t fall through it… and even after the screenshots that follow I touched up on the textures here and there.

Direct download

Normally I’d include 12 songs in the download, but I only ever do that with official music. And the DS’s sound quality is butt. So not only do I expect everyone to get fan remixes from YouTube instead, I recommend it. It’s what I did for me, anyway.

But, like usual, there’s the relevant stuff for the stage select screen in there. And a module each for using the stage over Melee’s Pokémon Stadium (st_dxpstadium.rel) and Pokémon Stadium 2 (st_stadium.rel). As always, it’s a Battlefield-based stage.