When I was a kid I didn’t recognize most of the characters in Super Smash Bros. or Melee. Because, like most kids whose parents don’t play video games, I usually had to wait for birthdays and Christmases to get new games. So naturally I wanted to be safe and go with Mario and Pok√©mon, since I already knew I’d like those.

But I did have a special moment when I unlocked Mr. Game & Watch in Melee, because I really did know who he was and didn’t already know he was in SSBM. Because I had Game & Watch Gallery 2 for my Game Boy Color instead of Super Mario Land 2 for whatever reason.

Which may be just as well, because when I did first play SML2, Wario kinda freaked me out.

So, Mr. Game & Watch has always been a character I sometimes use. So, I’ve gone ahead and made a stage for him that isn’t full of bullshit.

Using Flat Zone 2’s Game & Watch model as a frame. The death lines are past its edges.

The grassy bits are just background. Only the blackest parts are touchable–the boat and the platforms.

The parachute guys and the miss counter are animated. It’s a basic loop because the boat doesn’t move and so the guy on the left always dies. Just like in real life