I feel like it needs it. I did work hard on the original, but not hard enough. And I’ve learned a lot of things since then that this one deserves, for the concept and for the work that has already been put into it.

So far I’ve added to the train itself, and to the greater components of the background–the more organic stuff, I mean.

Now there are little lights on top. Maybe they make for a little more clarity, but the idea was mostly to make the ground less boring.

Further down, the train has more geometry. The windows and doors are extruded into the cars, and so is the stripe along the side.

a light pulses through the stripe. You won’t see that most of the time because it’s further down, but when the camera zooms out a bit, it does show up.

The window glows have a sliver of light on the edges in these pictures, I know. I will fix that.

there are lights in the tunnels too. They look quite cool in-game while the stage is moving.

trees and fog around the base of Mt. Silver, and rocky ledges. A Pokémon Center will be here too.

You’ve probably also noticed different foliage in the background, and more of it. It’s all 2-dimensional now, which allows for more of it. The game’s fog system makes for a really nice atmospheric perspective around Viridian in particular.

The smaller cities look fine already but I am going to overhaul Goldenrod, Celadon and Saffron. I also want to add more pokémon cameos like the Snorlax, but I’m more than likely not going to animate them because they’ll only be on-screen for a second at a time anyway.

Nothing in the pictures is absolutely final.