Goldenrod and the stations look much better. First impressions are important. Hur.

More tall grass and trees.

More Pokémon cameos than before! They’re all 2-dimensional, though. I did originally intend to do 3D ones, but this way allows for more of them, much less work on my behalf, and they’re all far enough away from the stage and on screen for little enough time that it doesn’t matter.

Lots of shiny lights

Fog ‘n forests

The things reflected in the water were made bluer, with a blue fog effect instead of the orangish one that most of the background has. Makes the water itself appear bluer.

Viridian mostly hasn’t changed, but there are far more trees in the forest now.

Birds from hell

Saffron! Saffron! The accent is on the F

P’much the same


The gym emblem thing rotates

And lights pulse through it like in the stripe on the train. I dunno what the purple finger-y things are supposed to be, really, I borrowed the idea from Melee’s Battlefield.

This is all ignoring that the Magnet Train was obsolete in HGSS, since you could fly to Indigo Plateau from anywhere, and to anywhere from Indigo Plateau.

But for everyone in Brawl/Project M who is not a Pokémon trainer, I’m sure it’s appreciated.

“Bye Ganondorf! I’ll try to miss you!”

Try and focus on the fight. As much work has gone into it… it’s all just a background, after all.