It’s a Smash stage. Based on Minish Cap.

It’s full of candles and crap

You can fight on it. That’s the point

The background is Telma’s Bar from Twilight Princess. I want to add background characters down there too, but I’m getting close to a limit… playing Project M on the Wii U, I’ve noticed framerate issues some of my previous stages had (Bowser’s Castle especially) when more than two or three players were in them that I didn’t notice on the Wii. I’m pleased to report this one doesn’t have any noticeable framerate drops until you have, say, three or four pairs of Ice Climbers. So, don’t play on this stage if you main Ice Climbers and have quadruplets who also main Ice Climbers.

The counter… the counter is made of… eheh

The Mountain Minish’s design was pulled from the manga.

And most of the others were made uppppppppp

Link, what was that? Milk? Can you get tipsy drinking a thing like milk?

And are you sure this is your stage at all? Hmm…



The Minish Cap Toon Link alt pictured above was made by Tocksknock and available here.