I played Pikmin last week. I failed it the first time, picked it up again the next day and got the best ending. I really, really, really, REALLY liked it. I can’t think of many things it didn’t do successfully. And yes–I liked the time limit, tied a nice ribbon around the package that gave everything else some real meaning. Now I’m in Minish Cap on Wii U (so there’ll be posts from that). An appreciation for the smaller, fictional things in life is important

And, who I want to play most in Smash Bros. Also Bowser… Couldn’t fit him in there. Pikachu is a mainstay for me as well but he’s like the Italian food of Smash Bros. Even if you really like it and it’s a little bit better than normal this time, it’s still hardly surprising. You know what you’re gonna get, more or less. It’s almost disappointing he’s in the demo for that reason, instead offffffffffff idunnogreninjamaybe