Now Saffron and the ground and mountains and stuff have textures, some forests, nicer sky (the tail end of a sunset kicks off the fight!), and most obviously, Magnezone platforms. I modeled them and when they rotate, their magnets blink red and blue like in Mystery Dungeon. Still to do: texture Goldenrod, model and texture Viridian, Celadon, New Bark, Cherrygrove, and whatever else I can fit in there without breaking the game.

Trivia: I gave the train two decks and flatter… ehh… bows? That’s boats, but you know what I mean. Anyway. I did that to make it taller and boxier to work better as a SSB stage and also taking cues from real-life Amtraks and Half Life 2’s razor train, respectively. I didn’t give it wheels or anything connecting the engines to the passenger car partly because I am lazy and partly because it’s cool to imagine it levitates and holds itself together by the power of magnetism, which is a power far beyond my comprehension or imagination