Ness’s seventh sanctuary in EarthBound, now as a stage. The three higher platforms are close to the same size as on Project M’s Battlefield, a tiny bit bigger and further spread-apart.

The basic shape is something I made in Smash 4’s stage builder that I really liked. In that, I used the Obviously Skyworld background and called it The Palutenathon, but here I’m allowed to do more of whatever I’d want.

There’s not a lot in the way of geometry here. Which isn’t to say I threw it together hastily or left out ideas, just that it’s not a cluttered place or one demanding a lot of stuff in it like Magnet Train or Minish Bar or Grass Land. A group of four pairs of Ice Climbers wouldn’t cause any slowdown here like they would in my busier stages.

The eye candy here is the background. It goes through several sequences with neat transitions and goes on for about two and a half minutes before repeating. About half the size of the stage file is dedicated to the textures for the walls!

The background from battling the Abstract Art enemy in EB

PK Rockin!

Say Fuzzy Pickles.

You guys need an ocarina player? Let me in the band and the seven of us could be the Runaway Six…

This was Electro Specter’s My Sanctuary location, but it’s mine now. Get the hell out of here!