If you missed it, I’m talking about this Brawl stage, based on both generic and specific Mario themes

It replaces Battlefield by default, like all my others do, but includes a custom module for sticking it in over Mushroomy Kingdom instead… as you’re clearly supposed to, what with the whole two-in-one gimmick.

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1. Main Theme (Super Mario 3D Land)
2. Throwback Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
3. Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
4. Yoshi Star Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
5. Tutorial (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)
6. Tall Trunks Galaxy Slide (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

7. Cool Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64)
8. Snow Levels (Super Mario 3D Land)
9. Freezy Flake Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
10. Shiver Mountain (Paper Mario)
11. Frappe Snowland (Mario Kart 64)
12. Rosalina’s Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)

Minor update 1/7/13: In Project: M 2.5, the new stage select screen makes it so you can’t hold X/Y to go to Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 and L/R to go to 1-2. This makes sense because in the official P:M stuff both are Super Smash Bros. 64’s Metal Mario stage. If the stage files for 1-1 and 1-2 are different, P:M still loads one or the other at random. I’m actually thrilled that they didn’t just dummy out 1-2 and replace 1-1’s file with Metal Cavern, but the stage file is probably so small that the effort to make a code that does that isn’t worth the space they’d save. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because there’s a stage select preview in the download that says you can hold a button to load one version of this stage or the other in Project: M’s font (Edo SZ). Now that you can’t do that, that stage preview image has no use. If you’re going to use the stage in P:M 2.5, don’t use that preview image in your common5.