My Bowser’s Castle stage had some problems. When I made it I eventually got to a point where any further attempts to change it resulted in crashes. Much later it got to a point that depending on changes made to my character/stage select screen file, the same version of the stage could either crash or not crash. I took a look and I don’t understand how it ever DIDN’T crash the game. It had incorrect texture formats all over the place as well as other unidentifiable problems and was generally a shitbomb!

I basically took everything out and put it back in properly. And then I finished it. Here are some of the changes I made…
-Characters have shadows
-The stars are positioned better
-The moon looks better
-Footstep sound effects were adjusted
-Tiny little flowers
-fences over to the right
-The little tower with the door that leads down into Bowser’s Castle looks better
-The steeples (??) of Peach’s Castle no longer shine (they weren’t supposed to)
-The flags have flagpoles
-The Mushroom Kingdom is visible below the stage
-The doorstep of Peach’s Castle has its own texture
-The towers of Peach’s Castle have windows
-The leaves of the trees blow gently in the wind
-And the leaves were retextured, more realistic
-They’re also not so pixelly anymore

Downloads are in the same places as before. This one just has the stage and some stuff for the stage select screen, and this one has all of that plus twelve songs. Same as last time.

Don’t ask me how to put it in the game. Google it