More of the same for J.J.J. Hoping I’ll be able to make the paper and arm look more like they’re in motion and less like they were drawn on a cave wall

Slammed some thick paint on Mr. What’s-His-Nose. I mean a lot. You can’t really tell from this picture. Then I spread some yellow over the background with my palette knife like butter on toast. So.

And this, I’m pleased with. This is the secret coolness I had planned from the start with it: It’s a real, working clock! There is, naturally, only one title this could have. A Clockwork Orange. I’m sure I’ll make more painting-clock hybrids in the future… I want to make a giant one with a pendulum, even…

Incidentally, I never really use an analog clock. I wear a digital watch at almost all times, and have for several years (over half my life, by now, I think). But I love to hear the ticking in the background noise. When I can, anyway. You can’t hear a thing over the drone of the fans you have to have on 24/7 in summertime, living in the desert