I played EarthBound Zero/Mother 1 once before and decided I was never gonna do it again because, well, EarthBound is almost the same thing but with more direction and polish. I’d say EB0 is like the college project whose idea was recycled with more experience, money, and freedom with tech to create EB. But here’s this ROM hack that makes it better. If you’re going to play EB0, play that.

I wish EB had copied EB0 even more and made a Teddy clone for the fourth character instead of Poo. No, in EB0 Teddy does not have a whole lot going for him–he hits hard and that’s it. But, Poo doesn’t stand out in EB from a technical perspective either. He has a slightly different PSI pool from Paula, is weaker than Ness, and has one truly unique special ability that is basically useless. I think it could have been expected that a Teddy clone in EB would have had something else to set him apart.