I’m psyched, proud and a bunch of other emotions to announce that I’m making a new comic. There’s a lot I want to say about it (that concerns SMAAAASH!! as well) so please hit the jump.

The title is Ludicrous Power. It’s a gag-a-day comedy about these three roommates dealing with everyday life and each other… with their ludicrous powers. If you know Justice Friends from Dexter’s Laboratory, it’s like that, but with fantasy RPG-esque characters instead of superhero parodies.

So… you know what that means. This is gonna be my new focus on the comic-making front, so while I may still make comics for it occasionally and plenty of game fanart, SMAAAASH!! isn’t gonna update on a schedule anymore.

I know, that sucks a little. I’ve grown so much as an artist working on it and am proud of what SMAAAASH!! has become, what makes it atypical of a gaming comic: it’s not a vessel for my opinions, it’s not a cheap commentary on what’s currently going on in the industry, it’s not a neverending torrent of the punchline that game logic and reality don’t match. I’ve been happy to make little jokes and stories that just take place in the games’ worlds and use their characters.

But if you realized that and liked it, I hope you’ll like Ludicrous Power just as much (or more??). Same art and sense of humor, all still my work. But now it’s in a world I made up, and that is something I have wanted to have for a long time. I just never had the right combination of guts and good ideas to go through with one until now.

It’ll launch on Sunday, update again Monday and Tuesday, and then have regular updates Sundays after. I hope you like it.