that I’ve been putting off Survival Mode until now because I had no effing idea how I was going to do what I was wanting to do next. But now I do, and it’s gonna be really cool, and unlike any comic I’ve ever made before (starting after the next three pages), so now I’m all excited and ready to get to work. I will spend the time immediately following this moment drawing the next page and will begin updating it on Tuesdays again–if it’s not up by midnight I swear, in the name of the Elite Beat Agents, it will be up before Tuesday is over in California, even if my Internet dies I will drive to Panera Bread to post it. For now I will post page 24, when complete, with the others and I’ll make the series its own part of the site tomorrow.

Then I can get it over with and start on a new series I’m brewing in my brain cauldron… I’m excited for that but if I tell you what it is before you see it it will sound incredibly stupid, so that’ll just have to wait