Scribblenaut Stories

I am Maxwell and this is my fantastic life story.

So this one time I withdrew a large sum from my bank account. I was wearing my invisibility cloak because my other clothes were in the wash. A cop and an agent were outside but this is pure coincidence.

I removed my cloak. How surprising, my clothes were underneath. But of course I couldn't have known that, they were invisible. ANYWAY...

I took my business to a dealership.

The dealer showed me an ugly car. Too ugly.

He showed me a purple car. Too purple.

He showed me the Best Convertible.

It was a done deal.

Driving home, I nearly crashed into an ice cream truck. I got out of my car with half a mind to kill the driver. I angrily asked...

...Can I get a vanilla ice cream cone. Guy says no. There's no ice cream.

Suddenly they had ice cream.

As I walked back to my Best Convertible, I got the feeling that something wasn't quite right...

Like the fact that a friggin' leprechaun had commandeered my car!

I wasn't gonna take that. I destroyed the car with a blue crowbar.

Naturally the leprechaun didn't like that. He got mad.

And that's why I carry a revolver!

But the leprechaun was bulletproof. Shooting him wouldn't kill him.

So after a few swigs of the usual, I got to work. On science.

I successfully made a radioactive revolver, but on the testing field I found that touching it hurt too much to even aim at the test subjects. It also destroyed my awesome lab coat.

I successfully made a magic revolver, but if I wanted real revenge the leprechaun needed to die.

Then, inspiration struck!

A firebreathing revolver.

It was the best stoning ever.