Talkative Topper

Link's movements, face, apparent love of sleep, and various other things in The Minish Cap make me think of him as sort of a laid-back, lazy guy, who is also rebellious enough to break the silent protagonist rule. I could picture him going to the upper level of the cafe just to chill with the Minish between adventures. Well, regarding the punchline here, Ezlo's better than Navi or Midna.

You might already know, I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas. Yes, SMAAAASH!! will feature comics based on video games I like, no matter the system. The atmosphere of the comic will stay the same, though. Count on that. I don't know when there will actually be a comic based on a 360 game, since there are so many unfinished comics on my to-finish list.

I only say a lot when I have a lot to say. Hey I'm like Ezlo.

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